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this is where i work

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best place and best people around. studio love!

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  1. Syza says:

    that budget decitifs did not matter. They enjoyed the fact that the stimulus the decitifs were giving the economy helped increase his popularity. In reality, the 80s good economy was built on debt we went from debt of 30% of GDP to 60% of GDP in less than ten years, while oil prices were going down. So Reagan’s policies worked on in so much as if you run up high debt you can create the illusion of a healthy economy. But that isn’t completely fair. Just as you’re being misguided in trying to blame just the Democrats, it’s wrong to blame just Reagan. They both were in it together. I was working in DC in the Senate (for a Republican) from 1983 to 1985. I do not recall the deal you talk about. I do know that Reagan had functioning majorities in the House (thanks to southern Democrats) and Senate for much of his first term. I know that the Reagan White House didn’t really care about decitifs (one reason Stockman quit). Don’t get me wrong, I rather liked Reagan. He was pragmatic, worked well with both parties, and had the good sense to stop the defense build up when he determined he could trust Gorbachev, thereby allowing Gorbachev time to push change to the point it could not be turned back. Reagan was right (while some of his critics on his right were wrong to complain that Weinberger and Shultz aren’t letting Reagan be Reagan.’) But I think he took a wrong term on the economy by accepting large decitifs and a growing current account deficit and I fault the Democrats for that too. Our mistakes in the 80s were bipartisan, and now we’re facing thirty years of growing economic imbalances.And, of course, you know Reagan’s views on raising the debt ceiling. Only someone irresponsible who didn’t care about the country’s good word would risk default.

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