August 15, 2013 5

vapor gallery

By in illustration, art and design


This is totally happening today. My heart is going to explode.

More to come.


5 Responses to “vapor gallery”

  1. davegon says:

    You’re so talented!

  2. esthera says:

    Thanks, Dave. I appreciate it. I think it runs in the family ^_~ You have boatloads of talent as well.

  3. esthera says:

    Thanks, my friend. It was a fun (a little stressful) project.

  4. Gordana says:

    • the? ?Matrix: Uploaded •Holy Zion, Neo!That was no lump in my throat! I swear I tollaty felt my soul stutter. It fluttered.It was unsettling. Palpitations felt were metal-mouth-green and streaming and arcing me down to my relations and posterity, all caught in the Matrixand hovering over apocalyptic worldsand quantum events stages,and wastelands,and faltering nationscontaining soul-sick patients choosing the red pill of cultist underworld vocations making oblations to sages. All caught in limbo. A deja-vu. A symbol. Maybe a download to the Matrix is all that can save you all at this stage of translation. All pills and dots and universal translucence I get a sense of blue-pill soothing blueness and shiver when I consider the two of us as food-units feeding programs and lost souls, and giving mechanical fools false gold.Or feeding earth golden-age industry.Or even stardust!There’s moon-juice dripping through uslike a bad seal in the Matrix, bleeding. But It wont harm us, or the little dipper it fills and spills out of. Made me a believer guys, I’m telling you. I went there and it’s true. Because this ain’t no silver-sipping morphine fever, no Morpheus morphing into a courtly jester fever-jesting, or shadow-boxing thin white air.Not me.I’m newly teething.Plugged-in and baby cleanand neo-lithically pleading to both dream-town and rock-city,my two Matrix pocket-worlds disconnected by a phone booth: one of under-land seers, the other up-and-sprung doe-eyed deer,both waiting to hearabout that third worldplease….RunningSonWritten a few months back. In another possible universe time is non-linear. So it’s ok.

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