wickedlittle.com is a random little blog about the life and habits and joys of esther a.

location: wa

occupation: mostly graphic design, sometimes illustrator, sometimes chalk artist.

likes: drawing, movies, gadgets, yummies, the smell of oranges, spoons, soft cotton, clicky keyboards, cheeseburgers, video games, stickers, toast, bunnies, octopus, star wars, red bicycles, iced green tea, howl’s moving castle, arrows, ice cream, robots, naps, time travel.

dislikes: schedules, wet socks, hangnails, ketchup, when people say ‘cat-sup’, crowds, being put on the spot, rap music, swordfight sounds but not swordfights.

childhood dream: to marry Han Solo.

other alias’ include but are not limited to:  e, esthera,  deadbeatbunny, discovolante, pankeki and is also considering changing name to ‘Madonna‘.

inspired by: husband, son, bright colors and patterns, happy/sad music.

secret crime: steals spoons.
some photos

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