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You have to f***ing eat.

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So I went online this morning and this happened.

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So What’cha Want

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While coordinating our girl’s movie club dinner and a movie date:

R: Will the movie [Lucy] be good, do you think?
me: Yeh, of course. It’s Luc Besson.
R: Who’s that?
me: He did The Fifth Element. You remember that?
R: No. What’s that? Is that, like, an OLD movie?
me:….It’s not that old. 1997.
R: That’s OLD! walks away laughing

I guess 17 years IS a long time ago. SIGH.

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random animated gif

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Lyndon says this reminds him of Flynn:


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2015 Will Be An Awesome Year.

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Star Wars. Superman vs Batman. Avengers. Bond 24. Peanuts 3D. GTA. Final Fantasy. Among loads of other things. Like this:

My stomach hurts I’m so excited for this.



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Mark Hamill As The Joker Telling Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker That He’s His Father

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Mark Hamill is Awesome.

from geekologie