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Morning Playlist: Overcast Tuesday

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Perfect album for cooler, gray morning with a cup of green tea.

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Morning Playlist: Sunny Monday

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Cool, sunny mornings make me want to listen to a little banjo.

June 3, 2014 0

Moses Supposes

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Lyndon showed me this animation a while back. The song got stuck in my head. I then had to find Gene Kelly <3! After that, I watched this a million times over. I love tap dancing. Mostly I love watching tap dancing. I’d probably love it even more if I could tap dance. Maybe some day.

When I was little, my mom tried to get me to learn tap dance. I refused. Of course I’m kicking myself now. There were a lot of things my mom tried to get me to be interested in/learn. I always refused. I’m a douche. Sorry, Mom.

P.S. Flynn seemed mildly interested in watching Singin’ in the Rain. We’ll get there…

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Today’s Weather Report

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Dad adds special effects to kid’s videos

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Sort of but not really like how I made these of my douchey brother.

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No One Will Die.

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Work has been busy and stressful lately. More than usual. I worry about the details of my work and sometimes I think it will give me ulcers. In the middle of the madness  a coworker of mine, N, says to me: ‘No one will die.’ She then tells me a story of the wife of another one of our coworkers who used to be an EMT and worry about the details – only as an EMT, screwing up the details may mean someone could die. Perspective! The worst thing that could happen if I screw up a detail, someone puts the wrong mug on the wrong shelf at a Starbucks.

It’s been calming to me to repeat this sentence in a time of high stress. To put into complete perspective the things in my life and to remember that I should stop and breathe and do the best that I can and not try to put the  weight of the world on my shoulders. No one will die.

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I sort of hate that I’m feeling like I’m jumping on the bandwagon with Benedict Cumberbatch. But he truly is very interesting and all that. How can I not pay attention to him? (P.S. The name of this post is because of the video below where he photobombs U2 at the Academy Awards.)

Best with sound.

One of the funniest moments from the last season’s Sherlock. The whole drunk bit was funny but this was a good one.

Ok, last one. I promise. I also liked this part at the start of Season 3.